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security threats against the u.s. consulate in benghazi. petraeus has been married for 37 years to holly petraeus who he met while a cadet at the u.s. naval academy in west point. he took the helm of the cia in september of 2011. in a statement late this afternoon the president thanked petraeus for his service adding, quote, i have the outmost confidence in acting director michael morel and the men and women who work every day to keep our nation safe. going forward, my thoughts and prays are with dave and holly petraeus who have done so much to help military families that their own work. petraeus took every the cia in september of 2011. of course, the political implications of all of this cannot be overlooked.
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the obama administration was already under intense scrutiny following the benghazi attack and possible leaks of intelligence information from operations in yemen. new questions now likely are to surface whether or not petraeus' affair may have compromised his position over the last years. >> there is also the issue of the fiscal cliff. both president obama and house speaker john boehner today came out warning the consequences of not reaching a deal would be devastating to the u.s. economy but they don't have a lot of time here. >> no, they don't. the president spoke on this today, not mentioning what was going on behind the scenes with the cia. consider the timeline here. there are only 53 days now left for congress to get to work and get this deal done in order to raise the debt ceiling this year congress put this countdown clock in effect and it has now unt january 1 to get it done. if nothing gets done, your payroll taxes could go up. the bush era income tax cuts would end and 449,000 defense
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industry jobs across virginia, maryland and d.c. could face layoffs if these automatic pentagon cuts are allowed to go forward. at the white house this afternoon the president spoke in front of what the administration called average americans. those special era tax cuts would expire. add to that deep spending cuts that will kick in. all of this has economists warning tonight of a double dip recession and possible rise of the unemployment rate up to 9.1%. >> the american people are looking for cooperation. they are looking for consensus. they are looking for common sense. most of all, they want action. i intend to deliver for them in my second term, and i expect to find willing partners in both parties to make that happen. so let's get to work. >> earlier this week the president and i had a short
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conversation. it was cordial. i think we both understand that trying to find a way to avert the fiscal cliff is important for our country. >> reporter: there were no solutions offered today, but there were inklings of what the deal on the early stages might look like. speaker boehner has already proposed putting all of these fiscal cuts off to next year. president obama moon while says he wants an agreement on extending the middle class tax cuts while democrats and republicans work out their differences on raising taxes on the wealthy. lots to do here. >> tom fitzgerald, thank you. wy ell, bthe end of trading today the dow closed up 4 points at 12,815. rich edison with the fox business note work joins us. let's start with a broad question.
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what is really at stake here? the fiscal cliff starts to take effect, as we heard from fitz, on january 1. what are we looking at as far as massive tax increases and spending cuts? >> reporter: you are talking about $500 trillion removed from the economy in taxes folks more and removing spending. the cost defense industries as tom mentioned. you have got what could equate to a drop in about a half percentage points in gross domestic product. for investors increases on capital gains. families earning $250,000 or more is what the white house wants to see for tax increases. also talking about tax increases up an down the income spectrum. nearly everyone who pays federal income taxes is going to be hit by this thing. you talked about the payroll tax cut. anyone who draws an income, pays a payroll tax, that's scheduled to go up.
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it reaches nearly every corner of the economy to the tune of about a half trillion dollars. this is just one year. speaking of taxes, president obama today making it crystal clear he will not accept any approach to federal deficit reduction that doesn't ask the wealthy to pay more tax, right? >> that's right. what the white house positions and this was later spelled out by the white house press secretary, is the president will veto any bill that doesn't increase taxes on the top 2%, as he put it. there is a little wiggle room here. the president said he is willing to discuss all this. republicans are willing to talk about this as well. they are saying no tax rate increase, but there are a lot of other ways you can get taxes to increase on people and more revenue from people. right now the speaker of the house says he doesn't want to box anybody in, democrats or republicans. this is the very beginning of the negotiations. the president has invited leaders to the white house next week. >> republicans really standing their ground here. john boehner saying he is
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unwilling to raise income taxes on upper income earners but he left open this possibility of perhaps revising the tax code to raise the revenue. >> that's right. and what republicans want to do is say, look, put everything off until next year. we'll overhaul the entire tax code and through efficiencies and economic growth you get more revenue out of that. that doesn't go far enough for democrats. they want a true, honest tax increase on families earning more than $250,000 a year. so you have your open negotiations. tax reform on one side from republicans and that 250 number from democrats. that's the start. now they talk. >> all right. rich edison with the fox business network. thanks for weighing in tonight talking to a step further for us. a new video released by the obama campaign shows the president wiping away tears as he thanks members of his campaign staff and volunteers. take a look. >> what you guys have done. i
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am proud of all of you and -- [ applause ] >> some applause there from those volunteers. he composed himself and then started again. the video was start at president obama's chicago headquarters the day after he was re-elected. plenty to cry about there. what a huge journey to get to that part. he worked as a community organizers in chicago once back in the day and got emotional when he told his staff how proud he was of their work. now to a news alert out of the district. at least one shot was fired near the white house this morning following an armed robbery and car chase. it happened around 6:00 a.m. police say several people robbed a group of membership in dupont circle. with the suspects drove off two of the victims followed in their own car. during the chase one of the suspects fired the gun, hitting the victims' vehicle. the victims drove to the white house to ask the secret service for help. >> this has nothing do with
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that location. it really occurred north near jefferson place. right now we're still in the process of following up any information we received. >> d.c. police say it's fortunate nobody was hurt. they urge people not to take matters into their own hands and report any crime to police. a maryland state trooper hurt after being hit by a stolen car. it happened this morning in college pork. fox5 on the scene there. the trooper was trying to stop the car when he was hit. only minor injuries. police later caught up with that stolen car and they got the driver. tonight we are learning how d.c. police caught the teenager accused of beating an elderly woman and breaking into her home in northwest d.c. the suspect made his first court appearance today. fox5's john hender hen with the latest. >> reporter: shawn, we're learning more about the assault. recall this incident happened witness around lunchtime at a house on mckinley street in
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d.c.'s chevy chase neighborhood. according to police, a lone assail gent wearing a ski mask came in a rear window of the house. there he encountered the 81-year-old woman who lives there. she has limited vision. according to court records she asked him to leave. he cursed at her and then struck her with closed fists in both the face and the head. she was beaten unconscious, according to the court documents, and ultimately hospitalized. what we learned today in this court hearing is that d.c. police asked for what's called a, quote, gps database query. gps database query. apparently whoever was in the house was carrying something that was sending off signals that allowed them to track who was there. could have been a cellphone. could have been something else. they wouldn't say. that yielded information that led police to 18-year-old tyrann mikel rhett of southeast washington who was arrested and police say in court documents when he was arrested he was wearing a cap that in fact was
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a ski mask of the same kind that the woman noticed when she was up close to the man. and in a post-arrest interview this 18-year-old d.c. teenager said to police officers quote, i messed up. we're changing a word in that sentence. you all got me. that lady could have been my grandmother. i feel sorry for the lady. the defense attorney entered a not guilty plea on behalf of this teen. prosecutor asked for detention and magistrate judge karen house declined to release the teenager. he will be held untiles this a further hearing later this month and if convicted of burglary one, a serious offense in d.c., he could face decades in prison. that's the latest from d.c. superior court. >> thanks for the update tonight. >> gps being used. keeping up with the times. coming up here on the 5, a food truck fight. why some owners say new rules in the works could ultimately put
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them out of business. >> and help for the homeless. how the city is working to provide housing to veterans with no place else to go. >> a fuel crisis looms in areas hit hard by first sandy and now that nasty nor'easter. find out what's being done to protect a dwindling supply. >> yeah, a lot going on up there, will. the good news i guess for them, at least in the short term, is this weekend weather. no more nor'easter he is, we're talking lots of sunshine all unand down the east coast. we will have a sneak peek at aur weekend forecast and what we think is going on this evening. a live view of the jefferson. stay with us. fox news at five will come right back. where others fail, droid powers through.
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spa r. president obama plans to travel to new york next week following back-to-back storms in the northeast. some people got power on and lost it again. fox's david lee miller has the latest from the commune of sea bright, new jersey. >> reporter: folks frustrated and cold, unable to escape ot crisis of mother nature. gas rationing is a necessity right now. >> oh, my god. it's frustrating. i mean, in the year i have been
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in new york i have never seen gas being rationed. it's just been awful. what can we do. that's mother nature. >> reporter: the new jersey attorney general is filing price gauges lawsuits. >> today's complaints represent what i anticipate will be the first round of lawsuits against businesses accused of exploiting the misfortune of new jersey residents affect about by this storm. >> reporter: folks are putting forth their best efforts for repair. >> we are just helping picking up, putting up fences on broke houses. trying to do as much as we can around the community. >> the spirit of people is really fabulous. i never doubted that would be the case, but it is constantly uplifting for knee see it. it really is. >> reporter: and recovery efforts, utility crews and others, your thoughts? >> i think all those what are
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able to receive power should have power by saturday. >> reporter: officials in new jersey are conducting controlled returns in areas heavily damaged by the storm. folks have about an hour to grab what they can and take a look at the damage caused by the storm. sea bright, new jersey, david miller, fox news. some area catholic schools are helping victims of hurricane sandy. the students loaded advance with donations today. they will head to new york and up to new jersey. >> we are helping the kids learn that every little bit counts. we recognize that what with brought together is something small but it's something important and we want the folks in new york, new jersey to recognize our support, our concern, our prayers are with them. >> the church collected about nine thousand dollars worth of canned food and clothing. some of those donations will be given to a parish in new jersey. the rest will be given to occupy sandy, a group helping victims
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in downtown new york. in tonight's health alert, the nationwide meningitis outbreak linked to tainted steroid shots is still growing. health officials in virginia are reporting 50 suspected cases of fungal meningitis. that number includes three west virginia residents and two deaths. the cdc says hundreds of people have become sick and 31 people have died after receiving tainted steroid shots. from the porch to the borders, there is a batting being waged against tiny invaders. they could be lurking in billions of tons of cargo that come into the u.s. every year that can cause billions of dollars of damage. sherry lee joined customers onboarder patrol on the front lines of the fight. >> reporter: only a fraction of the cargo that gets into this country is physically inspected, and what they're looking for may be smaller than a grain of rice but has a potential to wipe out entire crops. the mission of these border
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patrol specialists is to stop that from happening. every day they search through ago owe looking with flashlights between every crack and splitting the wood. they are not searching for drugs. they are searching for bugs. >> you could have crops that are destroyed in the united states. you could have interception of a pest or a plant product that, you know, can make people sick. >> reporter: tonight on fox5 news at ten we follow the bug trail from the port to the farm and into the lab. how they were 'fighting to stop these pest invaders. time for weather now. and a live look outside. shawn is giggling. i said is it cold tonight? >> i said you must not have come outside at all today. it was very chilly this morning. >> yeah, i pretty much went from the house to the gym to the car. >> gary, what can we expect as we roll into the evening hours? >> people don't realize that will has a whole underworld lair out there. >> yeah. like batman. >> he moves along underneath.
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>> the door opens with the cave. i drive in. >> that's exactly right. hey, listen, it was a little bit breezy, too, shawn. the breeze subsided by noontime or so. we saw some healthy gusts this morning that kept things cool and then the temperature jumped into the upper 50s and everybody was okay. speaking of okay, high pressure is building in. this will be good not only for the mid-atlantic but for the northeast, too. looks like this pattern is going to hold at least through the beginning part of next week. we have not made any changes in the forecast. we still expect showers coming in here by tuesday, okay? we will be dry monday night late, to be perfectly honest with you. that's going to be the next chance it have any rain. thanksgiving has cooled marginally from the high. gaithersburg 48 degrees. the temperatures will be dropping in the suburbs again. i expect we will have mid-to-upper 30s out there overnight tonight. not in the city but out in the
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suburbs. clear skies right on throughout evening hours. it's gorgeous but be ready because once the sun sets, well, the s&p has set, but later on, 6, 7, 8:00 temperature will get measurably cooler out there. unlike last night, we are not talking gusty winds. winds 5, 6, 7 miles per hour. something like that. >> thank you. need to see about getting a bat pole to make things more efficient. >> what was the butler's name? edward or something like that? >> i wish. thanks, gary. a butler. can you imagine? what was it? >> i don't know. it wasn't edward though. >> get on our facebook. tell us. who was it? >> alfred. thank you, bob. the director knew. i knew itwasn't edward. thanks, gary. coming up we are going to be talking about the date interstate of the skins. why it appears some residents are worried about moving training camp.
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>> plus, the opening game won't be played inside any arena for the hoyas. >> where did edward come from? you're on timeout t leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen.
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the college basketball regular season gets underway tonight for several local teams. maryland playing the reigning national champs, the kentucky wildcats. george mason hosts virginia and georgetown faces florida. lindsay murphy has a preview of tonight's hoyas game, right? >> yes. the stage is set for the hoyas. a court and 3800 seats have been built on the uss ship. one of the many events taking place in weekend to honor the military. the basketball team arrived in jacksonville yesterday. they toured the ship yesterday all in preparation for their season opener tonight. you see the ship getting ready right there. tonight they tip-off against tenth raped florida.
5:25 pm
while neither team practiced outside this week to get ready, they tested the court out yesterday. this will be a bit of a litmus test for georgetown. no seniors. >> i feel like i need more time, you know. there are so many things that we still have to get better at and stuff to work on. you look and say the season ran up on us pretty quick. >> reporter: we are go have to defend. >> it's a big first game. most teams start out with lower ranked teams. we have our first game against florida, a team that's ranked in the top 25. we don't have a chance to relax. there is a lot of pressure on us from the beginning to prove to the world we can play. >> reporter: today's sophomore otto porter was named to the wooden award watch list. it is the most prestigious
5:26 pm
honor in the sport. should be a fun game to watch tonight 9:15 on the navy ship. >> sounds good, lindsay. now the redskins announce they are moving their training camp from ashburn to richmond. the decision is not sitting well with some residents. others expressing concern about traffic and noise. >> tim: still ahead tonight, have you seen the lunchtime crowd at some of those areas like the verizon center area? they are everywhere. the mayor has a plan to clear the sidewalks, but some owners say it could really hurt their bottom line. >> and they are serve their camera. now they have no place to stay. how d.c. is working to find housing for homeless veterans. >> and kettle campaign. the salvation army hoping the
5:27 pm
weakened company doesn't put a damper on donations. stay with us. where others fail, droid powers through.
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if you think you are seeing a growing number of food trucks lining d.c. streets you are not alone. now city officials are concerned about crowded trucks. >> the mayor's office is in the process of tweaking regulations that already establish rules for sidewalk clearances in the downtown area. rules that right now don't seem to apply to sidewalks where the food trucks stop. they surrounded farragut square at lunchtime, offering everything from vietnamese to fried chicken and burritos to cupcakes. >> i think the convenience of it and also the variety right there at your fingertips. that's why i love it. >> reporter: and the park between the trucks is dotted with customers eating their hot meals. >> hey, nick.
5:31 pm
louie. nice meet you. >> reporter: nick says i works nearby and dines along the curb every day. >> my favorite part of the day to come down to the food trucks and see what's available and try something new. about 15 to 20 trucks every day. kind of hard to find something you don't like. >> reporter: trouble is the food trucks are so popular their customers are blocking the city's sidewalks and now mayor vincent gray's administration is working on regulations to restrict where these licensed trucks can set up shop. >> personally, it's going to destroy my life savings. i put over half my savings into this truck. >> reporter: louie honken says he has invested a hundred thousand dollars ihis truck. >> they put too much restrictions on it. how we going to work? >> when you like give birth to the childk you got to raise the child. so if you are going to give us a license, you better let us work. >> reporter: the mayor's office says it's not target food
5:32 pm
trucks, not trying to put anybody out of business. said the trucks are good for the city now bringing in new tax revenue. but the sidewalks officials say need to be clear for people to move. especially the disabled. >> they stand here. we serve very fast. >> reporter: current regulations were designed for restaurants with outdoor seating, requiring at least 10 feet of unobstructed sidewalk. that's clearly not happening here. the mayor's office says their decision-making on this is still in the comment phase. they're open to suggestions through next tuesday. the d.c. city council will have the final say in the form of new food truck regulations. shawn. >> all right. bob, thank you. a former congressman does not think the district will have a problem gaining more budget autonomy. during a hearing today tom davis of virginia testified saying there is broad support in congress to give the district more control over its funds. as it stands right now d.c. has to get congress to approve the way to spends local tax
5:33 pm
dollars. control over their own perm budget is just what the people in the next story want it have. they are looking for a job, a place to live and a new beginning. they are veterans who have all fought for us and now they have fallen on some hard times. fox5's beth parker has more on an effort to help them. >> reporter: with a slam of the door they begin a journey. rosslyn ella isn't just looking for an apartment. she is starting over. >> there was times i slept in my car. the worst is where do you go to the restroom. >> reporter: this person who at times had no bathrooms to use is an iraq war veteran. a master's degree in business and undergraduate degree. >> i have a lot of skills but i don't have a job. >> reporter: she lost her home. >> we believe in helping you each step of the way. >> reporter: the d.c. housing authority's veterans affairs
5:34 pm
supported housing program, or vash, is giving ella a voucher for an apartment. through this program they have placed 130 veterans already in homes and apartments in d.c. this year. when the real estate market turned had a lot of vacant apartments, they partnered with the housing authority to help themselves and the vets. >> that opportunity is to assist and provide a veteran who served our country and give them the resources and a jump start to provide housing for them. >> reporter: 33% of homeless males are veterans. >> i that i the people that we serve in our country have to understand because we should come home and shouldn't have to go through this. we should come home and be able to get out of the military and get a liveable job. >> reporter: albert strong was in the army for ten years, including serving in vietnam. he never wanted to rely on family for help. >> i wanted to be a man and
5:35 pm
stand on my own two feet. >> reporter: ella now stays with a woman from her church and applies for five jobs a day. in washington, beth packer, fox5 news. well, this is a sure sign the holidays are around the corner. the salvation army kicked off the annual red kettle drive today. each year is challenging, but with the economy still recovering he is hoping people will be generous and donate. >> the biggest concern we have is being able to meet the needs of the people who come through our doors. so we get concerned but yet we're also very fortunate that the community supports us so well. >> he says the salvation army hopes the red kettle campaign will collect about $1.6 million this year. if it reaches that goal, that would be a 15% increase over last year. >> you see those red kettles, you know christmas is close, right? and black friday. >> yes, that too.
5:36 pm
coming up a local legislators poses a smoking ban on county property. plus, you will hear from a woman who had to be rescued as a fire swept through her apartment building in d.c. >> and when we come back the historical find at an airport in virginia. virginia. 8@
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a big find. the airport recently underwent an archeological dig discovering several artifacts dating back to the first half of the 19th century. sky fox here with a view of the site. all the facts will be submitted to the virginia department of historic resources for review. the dig was the first step towards expanding the warning ton airport. there is no word what caused a fire in north d.c. the flames began at 12:30. crews quickly contained the flames and they also rescued a woman from her window. >> they did a wonderful job because if it wasn't for them i don't know how i would have got out of that building there because it was a struggle for
5:41 pm
me. >> fortunately. ly, no one was hurt. montgomery county officials want smokers to butt out away from county buildings. a smoking ban on county properties will be proposed at the next council meeting. currently smoking is banned near restaurants and in common areas of multi-residential buildings. in montgomery county one in 12 adults are said to be smokers. a popular television host reveals she is battling cancer. >> plus, some critics say it could be the best bomb movie yet. we will talk to the star of the film. >> back with your weekend forecast. it's going to be nice. 
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meningitis the james bond franchise keeps chugging along. the latest opens today. movie reviewer kevin mccarthy spoke with bond, james bond. also known as daniel craig. they talked about everything
5:45 pm
from product placement to the reasons why the role of bond never gets old. maybe the paycheck? >> one of the most interesting things about this film is the fact that he is so relentless. an an actor looking back over your career what was the biggest role you were so relentless about, you would not stop going after? >> as an actor you can't get too emotionally involved. i have really, really wanted it and been disappointed when i wanted it. but if you kind of serve give -- just way too much disappointment to give everything. so i kind of pretend not to. you let it go by and time to move on because if you go -- you know, i wanted to may this part but i didn't want to play this part. i walked away from to a number of times and thankfully barbara
5:46 pm
convinced me to do it. but it's a strange one. you can't get too involved. >> reporter: i read an interesting article recently about -- you know, i thought it was perfect. is didn't harm the story at all one bit. as an actor, when does product placement become a problem in films? >> i think when you are are building the scene around it. but i just won't allow that to happen because i think it's a waste of time. but, you know, i'm very kind of aware of heineken and aing me owe and all the other people i could mention rapidly gave us a lot of money to make this movie. we can't turn that down you know. and it's trying to do it as subtly as we can. >> this has been one. greatest franchises of all time, the longest running franchise. 23 films. hypothetically, if one of your characters that you have played in your past could be fleshed over 23 movies, what would be
5:47 pm
the most interesting to see? >> such complicated questions. that is just a joy to flesh out a character and make it better. i couldn't think of one in particular. as long as the writing is good, it's always going to be interesting to do. >> i don't know about you, but i'm excited. >> i was just saying to shawn i want to see that possibly. >> i think he is probably one of the top three james bonds. >> he is my favorite. >> really? >> yeah. >> to me. and people are like, oh, yeah. >> no. sean connery number one. >> whatever. you know, it's clear that i don't know old, you know television shows and move's and whatnot. >> batman? >> do you mean old? it came out earlier. >> i was thinking old school
5:48 pm
batman. >> i am a big fan of roger moore. i thought he had it down pat. >> he is number three for me. daniel craig is number two. >> moving along. it's going to be a great movie this weekend, by the way. you have been saying about, you know, maybe potentially a warm-up here, right? >> you did read my mind because the headline here, unless you looked over the shoulder and you saw that this was the headline, listen, enjoy this weekend. and i say this because we won't have many more like this until we get over into probably march and april because it looks like it's going to be real, real nice. and as i look way out into the future about as far asky see in the long range models, i don't see another weekend like this coming. we may sneak into one. sometimes we get one in january, believe it or not. i don't see one coming for quite a while. here is the setup. a nice change coming. we have been living in this trough of low pressure with the
5:49 pm
superstorm sandy as well as the nor'easter that just moved up the coast. then you end up with this nice high pressure building in. so it will be warm this weekend relatively speaking. probably as much as 6, 7, 8 degrees above not. and that would be upper 60s. probably a few lower 70s out there as well. and it looks like we are going to have tons of sunshine. 64 tomorrow. 68 on sunday. listen, it's still going to be chilly overnight tonight and early in the morning hours. we are going to warm up quite nicely. 54 now. high temperature today managed up to 58 degrees. and once those winds settled down and a high pressure really started building in, it was just fabulous out there. a little cooler already back out to the north and west where the western suburbs are already drops into the 40s. clear at 7:00. 51 degrees. clear at 9:00. 47 degrees. you get the theme here? clear at 11:00, 45 degrees.
5:50 pm
all the clouds staying to the north of us. there was a thought that a couple of these clouds may get far enough to the south to bring us a few clouds overnight tonight. but i don't think that's going to happen. again, high pressure is building in and it looks like high pressure is building in all the way up to the midwest. and so what that will do is protect us from some of these clouds that you see through the midwest. i don't think it's going to become completely 100% sunny tomorrow or as we head on into sunday. i still think we will have more sun than we will clouds and any clouds we have for the most part look like they are going to be high to mid level clouds and not keep the temperatures down at all. 42 in the city tonight. 30 still in the suburbs. but we're talking upper 30s in the suburbs under these mostly clear skies. i just kind of put in a token cloud there. and it looks like for tomorrow sunshine through the day. 61 degrees at noon. and the winds tomorrow will only be about 5, 6, 7 miles per hour. so it shouldn't be a big deal. and of course as we get into
5:51 pm
veteran's day on sunday, this is your fox5 accuweather 7-day forecast. and as we head on through the next several days it stays nice and mild to warm for the next three days. and then monday night a new system comes through and it will bring us some showers through the day on tuesday and that will cool us back down again. wednesday 54, thursday 55, friday 57. and again this will probably be one of the last really good weekends. and i know shawn has the list ready. >> honey-do, baby. >> i know. i always have a list. but it really is going to be a good weekend. >> cleaning out the bat cave. >> thanks, gary. now to the talk of the town on tmz. lindsay lohan officially pulls out of her 20/20 interview. gavery trough joins us live from l.a. a lot of people are asking why diddlingsy back out of this interview? >> i know. everybody wanted lindsay and
5:52 pm
barbara to sit down. they were excited for it. we have the answer. apparently the pr team on the show let lindsay's team know they were going to ask about the car crash she had got into and she is going to be charged with a misdemeanor crime about that. because that is an ongoing thing right now, they didn't want to talk about it. barbara's people and the other people are upset about it. hopefully, they will be able to sit down a little later and hash it out. >> we know that lindsay started off as a child star. another child star. drama for one of the hit stars on modern family. aerial winters lost her mother? what happened. >> this is crazy. there have been claims that
5:53 pm
aerial winters' mother has been abusive towards her, that it's been physically, emotionally abusive. because of those claims she has been removed from the home and placed in the care of her older sister. the only problem is that there is now a he said-she said from both sides of the family where one side of the family is claiming that the older sister is trying to poison the mind of aerial and turn her against the family in hopes of getting all the money she is making on modern family. the mother says she loves her daughter, she never did any of this. it's going back and forth. the judge has removed her from the home, you know, from those initial claims. they are going to be going in and out of court back and forth. it's unfortunate that this 14-year-old girl is involved in all of this. you are making a lot of money on the tv show. family gets in the way and this is what happens, unfortunately. >> gary took with tmz. brooke burke says she has cancer.
5:54 pm
she says a cans russ lump was found on her thyroid during a recent biopsy. she revealed it during a message. she is optimistic about beating the disease. and coming up new on the news edge at six, game over for a group of navy s.e.a.l.s. how the team with connections to the deadly bin laden raid became involved in a video game scandal. >> a controversial marijuana law passes in not one, but two states. >> and running on e literally after 2nd. folks fed up as the gas shortage looms in new york and new jersey. those stories and much more ahead on the news edge at six. stay with us. 
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spa the family of a florida a&m drum major who died after being hazed is has rejected a offer
5:58 pm
from the university to pay them $300,000. the family's attorney says they are concerned the university isn't taking the lawsuit seriously. legally, the family can only offer a maximum of $300,000 without seeking approval from the state. after nearly a year the allegations over assistant basketball coach is over. federal officials announced they have dropped their investigation into bernie fine. they say they found no evidence he molested a boy. he is now a consultant for an israeli basketball team. remember that jetblue pilot who dis-- disinterrupted a flight last march? he was found not guilty by reason of insanity. thanks for joining us tonight at five. the news edge at six starts
5:59 pm
right now. the count down to the fiscal cliff is ticking await. at stake hundreds of thousands of jobs in our area and more than a nil jobs around the nation. add to that the possibility of tax hikes and massive government spending cuts. economists are warning the nation could plunge into a double dip reception. tom fitzgerald starts us off at six with what's at stake. >> you know, the administration's position has been this. they say the government needs more revenue to do that they want to get it from the highest income same. wealthiest americans. the republicans are opposed to that and they favor deeper spending cuts and closing what they call tax loopholes. this old argument has a new urgency. tonight there are just 53 days left to avoid this

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